Welcome! eprogresstracker has recently launched and is in beta testing. It is available for use during beta testing and your feedback is welcome. If you experience technical problems we would like to learn about the problems and help resolve them. Please call 408-203-3646 or send an email to support@eprogresstracker.com. Please note that this number is for tech support related to using the site. We cannot answer medical questions.

Report and Track Your Progress

Let your practitioner know how your symptoms are changing over time. These details are used to adjust the type and dose of medicine that is recommended for you.

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Message your practitioner using our HIPPA compliant platform. Your practitioner has secure, 24/7 access to your messages and health records.

Contribute Anonymously To Research

Opt in to anonymously share data so we can learn from everyone’s experience about what works… which brands and doses are effective for which diseases and symptoms.